Why Choose Us

Geektronics Solutions delivers cutting edge solutions to your business needs. We have a highly personable team and we believe in customising each of our solutions to suit your business so that yours can stand out from the rest

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With close to 20 years in the IT field, specialising in software development and cyber security, the founder of Geektronics Solutions developed various business solutions with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing hassle and paperwork through technology.

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All solutions that we carry are highly customisable and we are also able to develop a solution that you have in mind for your business. Simply talk to us.

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We are a friendly team and we are always excited to hear what you need to marry technology with your business operations. .

Our Products

A highly customizable and user-friendly point-of-sales system for retail and f&b businesses. uPOS is highly user intuitive and being equipped with our very own EZ Count and Smart closing features, our POS system is truly unique and enterprising.